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13st April, 2023 Version 2.0.5 of InkSpector 2 is now available
31st December, 2022 Version 2.0.4 of InkSpector 2 is now available
7th February, 2022 Version 2.0.3 of InkSpector 2 is now available
21st December, 2021 Version 2.0.2 of InkSpector is now available
28th May, 2021 Version 2.0.1 of InkSpector is now available
28th May, 2020
The final release of InkSpector 2 is now available
27th October, 2019
Preview releases of InkSpector 2 are now available It's a brand new ZX Spectrum emulator with a GUI (not a screensaver) for Windows written from the ground-up.
29h May,  2013 I'm still here! Released InkSpector 1.01 to fix some pesky issues.
9th July,  2008 InkSpector 1.0 is finally released! I've added a few more features since 0.93,  such as .scr and .szx snapshot file support, beeper and AY emulation and more.
14th March, 2008 InkSpector 0.93 is now available with lots of new features.
29th January, 2008 New house, new ISP, new domain. Old website :-)
5th February, 2007 Back @ Blueyonder! All the Java apps and other links that were broken at inkland.org are working again.

 InkSpector 1.0 is coming on nicely. I've managed to add 128K Spectrum support, too.
December 1st, 2005 Wow there's no stopping me now - 2 updates in the same year! 

I came across a copy of the Infection master cassette in my loft, so I've made a TZX from it before the tape becomes unreadable (since it's probably the only remaining copy)
November 26th, 2005
I like to update Inkland every 3 years or so, whether it needs it or not!

A preview of  InkSpector  - a new ZX Spectrum Emulator screensaver for Windows.
InkSizer 1.1 - Update that adds 64-bit file sizes, to deal with files over 4gb in size.


Download Inkland's latest addition, InkSpector - a ZX Spectrum emulator screensaver for Windows.

It's here InkSwitch 2.02!

It's the InkFinger

Download InkFinger 1.23 A freeware finger client for Windows

 It's the
                        Inkutils monkey!

Download the current version (v1.53) of the DOS utilities Inkutils.

dZ80 Logo

Want to go behind the scenes of a Z80 program? Download the dZ80 Z80 disassembler for Windows and DOS. The current version is 2.0.


Take a look in the junk area. You may even find something useful in there!

It's a rubber
                        keyed Speccy!

The Sinclair Bit. Download some Spectrum games for your emulator from here, or just play them online with the Spectrum emulator written in Java!

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