Miscellaneous Links

Viz Comic Online
If you're fond of flatulent farces, etc.
Get the news on the goings on in the music industry
The Only Fools and Horses Society
A site dedicated to one of the finest comedies the UK's
ever produced (IMHO of course!)

Music Links

The name's a bit misleading, but an exciting live band - first saw them supporting the Wannadies in Sheffield.
If you get the chance to see them near you, DO IT! :)
Bradford's finest. Another band that cut the mustard live.
Joining a Fanpage - Jellyfish Tales
Great band. Only managed to get two albums out
before disbanding, tho' :-(
Kitchens of Distinction
No, not an advert for DIY, but a great page on another
criminally underrated band who are also now defunct.
Mmmm - there's a pattern emerging ;-)
XTC - The Boys From Swinton
If you've not heard of XTC, get yourself a "best of"
Stephen Duffy Information
The "tin-tin" having long gone, our Stephen's been
making essential music, mainly with the (reformed) Lilac Time

Freebie Links

Every program on this site is free! Great news for
those as tight as a gnat's chuff :-)
PCWin Freeware Resource Centre
The freeware section of a shareware & freeware

Spectrum Links

The ZX Spectrum Emulator Home
This emulator appeared from nowehere and is currently the
best Spectrum 48/128 emulator for Windows.
ZX Spin
Get the latest version of this excellent freeware Spectrum emulator from here.
Steve Smith's Spectrum Pages.
These pages contain the Spectrum Software Database - well worth taking a look at.
Gavin's ZX Planet - Spectrum Heaven!
The Spectrum emulator for Java, by Adam Davidson &
Andrew Pollard

This must be one of the most impressive Java apps to date!
If a game isn't in this giant archive, it probably doesn't exist! 


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