InkFinger 1.23


InkFinger is a freeware finger client for Windows featuring:

Explorer type interface
Multithreading to allow the user to have full access to the interface, even when it's busy performing the fingering
Optionally detect HTML plan files and send them to your default WEB browser to view them
Control InkFinger from a system tray icon menu
Optional notification when the finger output changes
Individually selectable finger entry logging
Load, saving and merging of finger entries to and from file
Individually configurable finger entries – each can have it's own font, colours and styles as well as the numerous options available.
WYSIWYG printing of the finger output
Groups, which are collections of finger entries, so you may finger groups as well as individual entries.
Command line support to launch any of the groups, plus the ability to exit when done -- ideal for
automating InkFinger with task schedulers.
Search for text within the finger output
WHOIS Support
Support for the MS Intellimouse
Configurable toolbar …And much more!
It's free!

New InkFinger Screenshots
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Download InkFinger Now!
The current version of InkFinger is v1.23, which was released on the 10th of February, 2001
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Download InkFinger now! Download InkFinger 1.23 (380K) from Inkland

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