InkSwitch 2.02


InkSwitch is a small Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000 program designed for users of Internet Explorer 4 or later. InkSwitch indicates, and allows the user to change, IE's working online/offline mode. It gives a constant indication of the current working mode, and makes it much easier to toggle offline and online modes, instead of having to go to the File menu and checking the "working offline" menu item.


Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1 has been released. Nothing's changed - Windows 2000 users are fine, Windows 9x/SE/ME users still have the online setting bug.

Internet Explorer 5.5 has been released. Has the online-setting bug been fixed? Silly question.... ;) However, Windows 2000 (regardless of whether it's IE 5.01(SP1) or 5.5) doesn't appear to be affected.

Internet Explorer 5.01 has been released. Has the online-setting bug been fixed? Erm, no. So you might still find InkSwitch 2's new Agressive Offline feature useful.


InkSwitch 2.02 Features

  • Just click on the InkSwitch icon in the system tray to toggle between offline and online modes
  • Supports toggling between offline and online modes via a user-definable hotkey
  • Option to start automatically with Windows
  • Allows Windows to be started in an offline, online or the default working mode
  • Low memory and resource usage
  • Options screen with context help
  • AutoSwitch - Automatic switching to IE's online mode after a connection to the Internet has been made, and offline mode after disconnection. You may never need to set offline mode manually again!
  • Aggressive Offline Mode Setting - If you're using IE 5.0 and suffering from the online mode setting bug, this feature may help you
  • InkSwitch can automatically set offline or online mode when Windows starts depending on whether there's a connection to the Internet at that time
  • Visual indication to the tray icon when there's a connection to the Internet (if AutoSwitch is enabled) as well as an AutoSwitch enabled indicator

InkSwitch Screenshots
Click here and cast your mince pies over screenshots of InkSwitch's new options screen.

Download InkSwitch Now!
The current version of InkSwitch is 2.02, released on the 10th of February, 2001
Click here to read what's new in this version.

Download InkSwitch now! Download InkSwitch 2.02 (295K)

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